Wave8’s Founder

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Anthony Henry



Anthony Henry:
Born in Perth Western Australia, growing up in a British family, having many musical influences and inspired by all ranges of music and sound, with Event and Sound Production History on his resume and the successful WAVE8 concept, Anthony just wants to spread the Love of Sound with the recent direction of Cymatics and Sound therapy added to his resume!

With a passion for the Arts Industry especially the area of Sound with many of his projects working with development of young local Artists and aiding in mental health.
A passionate Sound Designer working with his partner who owns and operates her own business Enlightening Minds working at Developing workshops and programs using alternative Health & Mental Health benefits from the use of music and sound frequencies, while experimenting with the Art of Cymatics where he uses Sound Frequency to create natural patterns in Water, sand etc (matter), this is a visual way to explain how sound frequency effects the human body which is made up of 70-80% water. .

Anthony studied music in school being involved with everything from a choir singer to playing multiple Instruments including Piano/keyboards, drums, classical guitar and a little bass.
Whilst having an ear and a natural talent with music he also has done some DJ and MC work over the years.

Anthony’s greatest dream while growing up was to be involved in the world of music.
In the late 80’s early 90’s discovering the RAVE scene and Electronica, he started organizing private parties which then led into establishing a registered production company “FULL SCALE PRODUCTIONS”
Anthony became a passionate Promoter in the Organization and Production of DANCE MUSIC
events throughout Perth W.A. in the mid 90’s.
This was the launching block for his continuing passion and involvement in the music and production industry.